For hospitals challenged to do more with less, Infinix-i Core is the right shared lab solution. The system satisfies today’s interventional cardiology and radiology demands with the ability to upgrade some capabilities in the future for a wider range of procedures.

A Value Driven Solution

  • Ideal for routine cardiovascular and radiology procedures, enhancing overflow capacity.
  • Compact single plane design at an affordable investment of financial and logistical resources.
  • Can be configured with an 20 x 20 cm or 30 x 30 cm detector.

Clinical Freedom

Agility at its best:

The Infinix-i Core platform is designed to leverage its revolutionary multi-axis C-arm concept for better patient access. >>>

Dose Reduction

Dose reduction must never be an option:

A wide variety of dose control tools enable clinicians to minimize radiation exposure to patients and staff. >>>

Patient Safety

Patient safety:

Intelligent fail safe built-in technology for maximum system uptime & patient safety. >>>

Enhance the Workflow

Enhance the workflow:

Reduce overall exam time and keep the system uptime at highest level. >>>

Image Quality

See – Diagnose – Treat:

Excellent image quality is crucial for quick & safe diagnosis as ultimate prerequisite for successful treatment. >>>

Clinical Applications

Great versatility in clinical applications:

A package of advanced applications to support high-risk procedures. >>>