Infinix-i Core (prod 1)

  • Enabling access no other system can equal, the floor-mounted Infinix-i Core offset C-arm provides the ideal configuration for the broadest range of uses.
  • Greater coverage to the pelvis without having to pivot the gantry.
  • High-speed rotational capability enables single injection coronary rotations.
  • Steep angulations for optimized vessel profiling during interventional procedures.


The system’s C-arm offset and ergonomic enhancements provide flexibility for positioning patients and system components to enhance work flow while reducing the risk of strain and injury to clinicians.

  • An adjustable table height and weight capacity improves access and convenience while accommodating larger patients.
  • Optimized monitor boom placement that allows unobstructed line-of-sight monitor viewing for clinician comfort.
  • 20 cm x 20 cm is the detector of choice for dedicated cardiac procedures, 30 cm x 30 cm represents the ideal size for mixed applications when the lab is shared between different specialties such as cardiac & general angiography.


All Infinix-i systems utilize intuitive tableside controls, with an ergonomic hyperhandle, to provide all exam functions at the touch of a button. Once you’ve learned the system, you can intuitively manipulate the system by touch.

Intuitive Operation

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Higher Productivity With Parallel Processing

Simultaneously processing and transferring image data during acquisition yields quick, efficient exams. For example, during fluoroscopy and fluorography, operators can prepare for the next scheduled patient, process and save images from a previous (or current) study, and transfer or archive images to an associated network.

Automate Procedures

Physicians can quickly navigate through any procedure with Canon’s innovative Sequential Navigation. One touch of a button enables navigation through routine settings for each procedure type, while operators can change any parameter throughout the procedure without disrupting Sequential Navigation.

Automate Procedures

Double Inverter generator

Double Inverter Generator

If one inverter fails the system can continue to work with reduced power.

Double safety = half risk

Fail Safe Operation

Backup Focus

Canon’s unique safety concept for the X-ray tube. In case of malfunction of a focus during the intervention the system switches automatically to the backup focus to keep the system working without any interruption.

Double safety = half risk

Data Integrity

Data integrity

Data integrity is always maintained with an advanced Level 5 RAID system which acquires and stores images at extremely high speeds by writing all data to a series of drives, including a parity disk. If a problem occurs on any drive, the parity disk restores missing or damaged data in real time without interfering with procedures.

True multitasking enables you to do many things in parallel in the control room and independently of the ongoing procedure which significantly reduces your overall procedure time and therefore patient and operator dose.

Post-processing tasks such as image processing, image archiving, vessel analysis, image transfer to or from the network, CD creation can be carried out at any time without disturbing the ongoing examination.