Zoetermeer, The Netherlands, 25 November 2018 – Canon Medical Systems Europe B.V. and NRT X-RAY A/S signed a reseller agreement at the Radiology Congress of North America (RSNA) with regards to the sales, service and maintenance of the ADORA high-end DR X-ray system throughout the majority of European countries.

“Striving to continuously enhance the Canon Medical Systems X-ray portfolio, we are pleased to add the next generation, highly innovative and automated Adora system to our range of Digital Radiography systems”, says Mark Holmshaw, CEO and President of Canon Medical Systems Europe. “Both the Adora DRi and the Hybrid (DR & RF) Adora DRFi are true additions to our extensive X-ray product portfolio and we are very pleased to offer it to our customers through our European organization”

“The agreement confirms our long-term cooperation and renewed partnership. With the extensive knowledge, experience, good reputation and acknowledged market position of Canon Medical we see, without a doubt, a bigger future and growth potential for our Adora products”, states Mogens Ravn, CEO NRT X-RAY A/S.

Adora DRi

This system represents the ultimate ergonomic solution that sets new standards for ergonomics, flexibility, comfort and care. Every element and functional aspect of Adora has been designed with end users and patients in mind. Adora’s design with the rotating ceiling unit and independently moving X-ray tube and detector arms, allows the system to perform exposures from practically any angle.

You can position the system anywhere and experience how examinations such as axial hip and patella skyline exposures are faster, easier and more comfortable to perform on a system that is highly flexible. This flexibility can be used to perform exposures on patients who are standing, lying in a patient bed, or sitting in a wheelchair when necessary. The Canon DR detectors and the powerful image processing software ensure that the images are crisp and clear even at low dose exposure.

Adora DRFi

The Adora DRFi represents a new way of thinking the radiology room. Offering the full suite of functions of Adora DRi, with the added option of performing a wide range of dynamic image examinations as well, the Adora DRFi is a perfect match for the fluctuating needs of most radiological departments. It is great for dynamic images, which can be performed anywhere within the X-ray room. Examinations such as gastrointestinal tube placements, swallow studies, are just some of the applications that come with being able to perform fluoro. Intuitive Canon software provides sophisticated image processing for premium diagnostic image quality and the extensive portfolio of docked or wireless and portable detector ensures the highest performance in workflow, sensitivity, image quality and versatility.

Canon Medical and NRT X-RAY A/S signed reseller agreement at RSNA 2018 (Left: Mr. Mark Holmshaw, CEO and President, Canon Medical Systems Europe BV. Right: Mr. Mogens Ravn, CEO NRT X-RAY A/S)

Zoetermeer, the Netherlands/Manchester, United Kingdom, Manchester United Football Club has announced a renewed multi-year agreement with Canon Medical Systems Europe as its official medical systems partner.

The unique partnership will ensure that world-class players continue to gain instant access to advanced imaging equipment to examine injuries and undertake pre-emptive screening for preventable injuries, improving player welfare and maintaining career longevity at an elite level. The collaboration will also continue to push the boundaries of medical research and through translational methods, will benefit patient populations and healthcare professionals internationally.

The agreement between the two iconic organisations was first signed six years ago and top-of-the-range imaging modalities including CT, MRI and Ultrasound were installed into a dedicated Medical Centre at Manchester United’s Aon Training Complex. The renewed contract will continue the diagnostic imaging partnership benefitting players and staff at Manchester United Football Club, clinical communities operating in sports medicine and ultimately patients in the wider world.

Studies seeking the answers to prevent clinical conditions, improve diagnosis or enhance treatment in the areas of cardiology, musculoskeletal (MSK) and sports medicine are regularly undertaken at the Aon Training Complex. Research initiatives conducted throughout the partnership have been presented at high-level European Cardiology conferences, all of which have been very well received. This includes ‘Musculoskeletal MRI in Football Medicine’ and ‘Exercise Myocardial Performance in Adolescent Athletes’ research to extend knowledge and understanding in the fields of sports medicine.

Mark Holmshaw, President and CEO at Canon Medical Systems Europe, said:

“As we continue to develop our medical system partnership with Manchester United Football Club, we do so with enhanced vigour and innovation strengths following our transition from Toshiba Medical Systems to Canon Medical Systems earlier this year. As part of the Canon Group, we are seeing direct results of our collaboration, taking imaging technologies to the next level. Besides this, we can draw on the 100-year medical system pedigree and presence in over 140 countries to ensure access to the latest product and solutions from our research and development teams. Medical technology powers confident diagnoses, speeds up treatment planning and ensures a faster return to the field of play. It is at the heart of modern healthcare, improving outcomes for everyone, whether that is in sports performance, or wider clinical practice.”

Richard Arnold, Group Managing Director at Manchester United, said:

“We are delighted to extend what has been an excellent partnership with Canon Medical Systems over the past six years. At Manchester United, just like at Canon Medical Systems, we pride ourselves on innovation. Our world-class medical team at Manchester United, partnered with the world-class team at Canon has helped us provide our players with the best possible medical care. The feedback from the medical team has been excellent and it is clear that the partnership is making a real difference to player health and career longevity.”

Dr Steve McNally, Head of Sports Medicine and Science at Manchester United, said:

“During the past six years, our partnership has redefined the standard for medical imaging in elite sport. Daily access to state-of-the-art equipment and intelligent technologies has improved responsiveness to clinical presentations. Most importantly, we have developed a concept of ‘performance imaging’ over and above clinical diagnostics.

“By utilising innovative techniques borne out of shared ideas and experiences from Canon Medical’s wider network of experts, we can now profile and monitor our players in ways we have never done before. This not only enhances athlete health and safety but also provides invaluable information to guide the athletic development process. As part of the partnership, we have also shared data that will assist in improving health services for the general public.”

Caption: Mr. Mark Holmshaw, CEO and President of Canon Medical Systems Europe BV (l) and Mr. Richard Arnold, Group Managing Director, Manchester United Football Club during the Premier League match between Manchester United and Leicester City at Old Trafford on August 10, 2018 in Manchester, United Kingdom.

About Canon Medical Systems Europe

Canon Medical Systems offers a full range of diagnostic medical imaging solutions including CT, MRI, ultrasound, diagnostic and interventional X-ray equipment and advanced software that enables visualization and analysis of 2D, 3D, and 4D images of anatomy and physiological functions across the globe. Under the slogan “Made for Life” (Made for Partnerships, Made for Patients, Made for You), Canon Medical Systems is making positive contributions toward hospital management, and provides a range of patient-friendly healthcare systems and services, continuing its long tradition of contributing to healthcare.

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