Aquilion Lightning

Canon is pleased to announce the release of the Aquilion Lightning, a 16-row helical CT with the world’s smallest detector element size of 0.5mm for routine isotropic imaging.

The environmentally friendly system design incorporates fourth generation fast iterative reconstruction (AIDR 3D Enhanced) and Canon’s new PUREViSION detector to minimize the patient exposure dose for all patient examinations

Aquilion Lightning is equipped with high end advanced clinical applications and Canon’s industry leading technologies.

SEMAR™ (Single-Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) eliminates metal artifacts, improving visualization of implants, supporting bone and adjacent soft tissue. SURESubtractionTM technology with pixel perfect registration provides unsurpassed visualization of vessels and contrast-enhanced tissue structures. And variable helical pitch allows seamless change of scan speed during one continuous acquisition. All making Aquilion Lightning a powerful workhorse.

AIDR 3D Enhanced
AIDR 3D Enhanced furthermore enables low dose, excellent image quality and great cost performance. With AIDR 3D Enhanced and a 5 MHU HeliCool™ tube, cooling time is virtually eliminated and more examinations can be performed.


AIDR 3d Enhanced

Figure 1 Non-stop scanning thanks to AIDR 3D

Adaptive Diagnostics and SEMAR
Adaptive Diagnostics is Canon’s patient centric suite of unique imaging solutions that simplify complex protocols and provide consistent quality results. Canon’s innovative SEMAR (Single Energy Metal Artifact Reduction) is now also available for Aquilion Lightning. It utilizes a sophisticated iterative reconstruction technique to virtually eliminate metallic artifact, improving visualization of implants, supporting bone and the adjacent soft tissues for a clearer and more confident diagnosis.

Aquilion Lightning SEMAR

Figure 2 SEMAR (right) eliminates metallic artifacts


Streamlined Workflow from Setup to Diagnosis
In today’s health care environment, workflow efficiency is an important consideration in the selection of the right CT system for your clinical needs. Aquilion Lightning is ergonomically designed for fast patient throughput and increased patient comfort. Examinations are easily performed thanks to the innovative Navi mode technology, providing simplified operation and guides novice operators through every step of an examination. Examinations can be performed with confidence in any location at any time of the day and night.

Wide gantry aperture for easy positioning
The large gantry opening of 78 cm ensures that even the largest patients can be easily positioned and will remain at ease during scanning. This design also offers superior patient access for physicians during interventional procedures. Last but not least, the couch-top can be lowered to a minimum height of 312 mm from the floor, facilitating transfer of the patient from a wheel-chair or gurney.

Minimum Space – Maximum Efficiency
By redesigning the system components, including the 5 MHU HeliCool tube, the Aquilion Lightning has the smallest footprint in its segment while having the largest gantry aperture. With a footprint of merely 9.8 m2 the Aquilion Lightning can be installed in the smallest room still offering a pleasant working environment.

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