Benefit from Canon’s comprehensive set of advanced applications designed to help improve your diagnostic efficiency and treatment outcome .

High Speed 3D imaging gives you 3D information within just a few seconds to be used for faster procedural planning and real time guidance.


3D-DA: Volume recon from injected non-subtracted acquisition spin.


3D-DA: Volume recon from injected non-subtracted acquisition spin.


3D-DSA: Volume recon from injected DSA acquisition spin.

Bone and Device Fusion

3D – Bone&Device Fusion: Dual volume recon of masks & opacified images from DSA acquisition spin.

Stent Imaging

Stent imaging: Special high-resolution technique to visualize tiniest structures.

Cone beam

Cone Beam CT: Volume recon from non-injected acquisition spin with higher number of projections.


As interventional procedures become increasingly complex proper navigation and guidance tools are required to optimally assist the user during the deployment phase of devices or needles. Volume navigation enables the overlay of a 3D prepared dataset from 3D Angio, CT or MR on live fluoroscopy in realtime to provide the user with additional 3D information of vessel architecture or surrounding anatomy during fluoroscopy.

Automated synchronization:

Automated Synch 1
Automated Synch 2
  • Any C-arm rotation/angulation
  • FOV size
  • Vertical table movements
  • Synchronized table top panning

Multi-Modality Roadmap


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Use 3D volume from 3D-Angio, CT or MR as roadmap overlay.

Needle Guidance Procedures

Volume Guidance expands the Navigation capabilities by providing planning tools to plan and simulate the optimal needle pathway to the target area which can then be overlayed on live Fluoroscopy for real time guidance.

Needle Guidance procedures

Use 3D volume from 3D-Angio, CT or MR to plan the optimal needle path way to the target area and overlay it on Live Fluoro during the needle positioning phase.