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The combination of the Infinix-i ceiling mounted C-arm with the fully integrated dedicated surgical Maquet Magnus table perfectly meets the requirements for the rapidly growing number of hybrid procedures. Its flexibly designed ceiling rail system allows perfect patient access in any situation. The system is available with two different flat panel sizes: 30 cm x 40 cm and 30 cm x 30 cm.

Clinical Freedom

Agility at its best:

The Infinix-i Hybrid platform is designed to leverage its revolutionary multi-axis C-arm concept for better patient access. >>>

Dose Reduction

Dose reduction must never be an option:

A wide variety of dose control tools enable clinicians to minimize radiation exposure to patients and staff. >>>

Patient Safety

Patient safety:

Intelligent fail safe built-in technology for maximum system uptime & patient safety >>>

Enhance the Workflow

Enhance the workflow:

Reduce overall exam time and keep the system uptime at highest level. >>>

Image Quality

See – Diagnose – Treat:

Excellent image quality is crucial for quick & safe diagnosis as ultimate prerequisite for successful treatment. >>>

Clinical Applications

Great versatility in clinical applications:

A package of advanced applications to support high-risk procedures. >>>