The Infinix 4D CT system combines the interventional lab with a complete CT imaging suite for a more streamlined workflow and a smoother, safer patient experience in a single clinical setting. You no longer need to transfer the patients between departments – Infinix 4D CT enables you to plan, treat and verify in a single setting for better patient care and higher productivity.

Maximum Flexibility

Maximum flexibility

Convenient parking positions for both the C-arm and the CT gantry ensure free access to the table for patient mount and emergency procedures.

270 degrees of freedom

270 degrees of freedom

Infinix’ 270-degree range of C-arm movement assures a smooth workflow even during the most complex interventional procedures.

Unique Lateral Coverage

Unique lateral coverage

The dual-track ceiling-mounted C-arm of the Infinix 4D CT provides unique fingertip-to-fingertip coverage during transradial procedures.

Smooth Workflow

Smooth workflow

While the CT gantry can be fully removed from the workplace, Infinix’ five-axis technology provides faster and better positioning of the C-arm from head to toe.

Fine Detail Imaging

Fine detail imaging

Advanced CT imaging with the industry’s only 0.5 mm detector element means greater resources for planning and verifying in the interventional space.

Seamless Transitions.

Seamless transition between modalities

Infinix 4D CT markedly improves workflow with its SUREGuidance technology that manages seamless transition between modalities.