Diagnostic Ultrasound in WHC

For WHC ultrasound is the first choice in diagnostic imaging, especially in obstetrics, whether you are a GP scanning routine patients or working in a university hospital scanning the most challenging cases. We offer industry leading image quality using ultrasound technologies that can reveal details never visualized before. You will be able to choose from a wide portfolio of systems with which you can address any diagnosis in your patients, ranging from Gynecology, Obstetric, Breast imaging and virtually all other exams like full cardiac, gastrointestinal, vascular etc. with that same ultrasound system.


Superb Micro-vascular Imaging: Detecting lowest velocity flows using Doppler with high frame rates, while eliminating motion artefacts

Excellent B-mode resolution displaying the different structures with the highest spatial resolution available in the market

Breathtaking 3D/4D displaying the tiniest of details in a life-like images

What our customers say

“ Clinical Diagnostic Services personnel are recognised worldwide for their pioneering work in developing endovaginal ultrasound and introducing this imaging technology into clinical practice. We have been very involved in the development of both 2D and advanced 3D facilities as well as high quality colour Doppler imaging over many decades. This has culminated in the utilisation of the Canon Aplio i800 system within our busy scanning clinics.”

Bill Smith
Consultant Ultrasound Specialist,
Head of Clinical Diagnostic Services, London