Diagnostic Ultrasound in Neurology

Ultrasound offers several possibilities in neuro diseases assessment. Safe and real time vascular modes are perfect tools for cervical vessels evaluation and Ultra high-resolution imaging extend possibilities in nerve imaging field from plexus brachialis to distal peripheral nerves


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Aplio i-series
Aplio a550
Aplio a450

Ultra High Frequency imaging (>20 MHz)

Provides new possibilities for nerve imaging. It delivers precise pattern visualization and clear internal nerve structure for better lesions characterization and therapy guidance.

Schwanomma structure on small peripheral nerve

Transcranial Doppler

iDMS Active Matrix probes

intelligent Dynamic Micro-Slice technology (iDMS) increases clinical accuracy and reveals more detail in all depths for muscles or tendons fibers injuries by electronically focusing the beam multi-dimensionally. iDMS provides ultra-thin, uniform slices for enhanced elevation and contrast resolution.

Superb Micro-vascular Imaging (SMI)

SMI combines very high sensitivity for slow flows, ultra high frame rate and motion artifacts reduction. These elements are key qualities for carotid plaque assessment: Neovascularization detection and evaluation is an important indicator of vulnerable plaque in patients with cerebrovascular disease

Carotid Plaque Neovascularization cSMI.

Customer quote

“ With nerve ultrasound, the curtain opens into the three- dimensional reality of the nerve plexus and its surroundings.”

Dr. Wolfgang Möller (l.)
Neurologist Berlin, Nerve sonography

Rober Meyer
(r.) Specialist in Neurology Berlin.