Advanced tools simplifying complex exams

Working in tandem with high-speed c-arm acquisition, high-resolution detectors and a powerful workstation, advanced and exclusive Infinix-i software applications help you achieve the highest image quality at the lowest possible dose. Cutting-edge software packages provide advanced visualization and interventional guidance tools for better and more secure treatment planning.

RiteFlow change parametric imaging

Parametric imaging allows you to display an entire image sequence as a single composite image for easier visual evaluation and characterization of contrast media dynamics.

Advanced 3D roadmapping

3D roadmapping enables you to superimpose a reconstructed, device-enhanced 3D image of vessels on the fluoroscopic image, enabling guidewire manipulation of catheterization to be performed while observing the course of the vessels.

Multi-modality roadmapping

CT/MR modality fusion enables 3D volume data to be superimposed on the live fluoro display, providing additional views of the vascular anatomy to aid you during interventional procedures.

Clinical Image Gallery

3D image of a spinal artery

DSA of iliac artery in oblique projection

DSA of lower limb with anatomical landmark

DSA of the liver during TACE procedure

Dynamic trace of subclavian vein

RiteFlow parametric imaging of lower limb