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The world’s fastest, most flexible angio suite

Providers of interventional imaging systems are being challenged to improve clinical outcome, patient comfort and dose efficiency while reducing cost of ownership and environmental impact. With its unique dual c-arm Infinix-i Sky + provides ultrafast whole body coverage, free head access and a unique lateral c-arm stroke for better ergonomics, improved productivity and stunning 3D images from head to toe.

With 270˚ isocentric rotation, Infinix-i Sky + provides unparalleled flexibility and patient access even for the most challenging procedures. Its dual c-arm design with 210˚ coverage and ultrafast rotation of 80˚/s enables shorter breath hold times, reduced contrast medium and outstanding 3D imaging from head to toe without the need for moving the patient or the table.


Free head access

Infinix’ 270˚ isocentric c-arm rotation capability assures a smooth workflow even during the most complex interventional procedures. >>>

Whole body coverage

Infinix-i can cover the vast majority of patients from head to toe without table movement, ensuring peripheral access at high patient safety and comfort. >>>


Better protection for patients and clinicians

Canon has optimized every step of the imaging chain to reduce radiation dose while improving workflow and image quality. >>>

smart parking

Infinix’ dual-track ceiling suspension enables you to create and automate customized parking routes including circumnavigating obstacles. >>>

simplifying complex exams

Advanced and exclusive Infinix-i software applications help you achieve the highest image quality at the lowest possible dose. >>>