High resolution 3D imaging from head to toe

Infinix-i provides a broad range of advanced 3D applications to create even greater confidence in the ability to carry out image-guided therapies more accurately and efficiently. The revolutionary stacked dual c-arm of Infinix-i Rite Edition delivers unmatched rotational speed and coverage to produce outstanding 3D image quality with significantly less dose and reduced contrast medium.

Ultrafast c-arm rotation

With an amazing speed of 80 degrees per second and a coverage of 210 degrees, Infinix-i Rite Edition is able to acquire outstanding 3D images in less than 3 seconds regardless of the anatomical region.

High-speed image acquisition

The system’s advanced imaging chain acquires high resolution cone beam CT volumes in just 10 seconds. Selective ROI reconstruction further helps maximizing visualization.

Enhanced comfort, better patient safety

Faster volume acquisition also leads to minimizing radiation dose, shorter breath hold times and a significant reduction of contrast medium required to perform an examination.

Clinical Image Gallery

External carotid arteries

Iliac arteries

Superior mesenteric artery

Intracranial pipeline stent

Renal aneurysm

Feeding artery identification during TACE procedure

Better protection for patients and clinicians

Dose management is an important issue for everyone. Canon has optimized every step of the imaging chain to reduce radiation dose while improving workflow and image quality. DoseRite is Canon’s comprehensive dose management solution. Combining advanced detector design with an array of powerful software features, it provides you with an extensive host of dose-saving and dose management functions. 



Spot Fluoro

Spot Fluoro provides asymmetric, lesion-focused collimation while maintaining the full field of information without increasing the dose.

Live Zoom

Live Zoom allows magnifying anatomy while performing an intervention without increasing the detector input dose.

Dose Tracking System

Canon’s unique Dose Tracking System provides continuous real-time information on skin dose delivered to the patient.